Door Retrofit Project Achieves 12% Energy Savings

SUPERVALU - Albertson's Door Retrofit

  • A row of refrigerated cases with retrofitted doors
  • Refrigerated cases prior to being retrofitted with doors Refrigerated cases in the process of being retrofitted with doors A row of refrigerated cases with retrofitted doors A row of refrigerated cases with retrofitted doors

Source Performs Door Retrofits in 100 Southern California Albertson's Stores

As part of an aggressive energy savings campaign, SUPERVALU's Albertson's chain decided to invest in an extensive door retrofit program in 100 of its Southern California stores.

"While it represented a huge undertaking to retrofit 100 of our stores, we simply couldn't ignore the future energy and cost savings potential," says Richard Heath, SUPERVALU's Director of Energy Innovations and Projects. "One of our biggest challenges was minimizing the disruption of store operations. We understood the importance of working with a vendor that provides a turnkey solution because a single point of contact in an extensive project like this helps ensure consistency and control. This is why we selected Source Refrigeration & HVAC for this project."

The Albertson's door retrofit project encompassed a full range of Source services. After store surveys were completed at each of the 100 locations, engineering analyzed how the reduced loads would impact the existing compressor systems and provided floor plans with necessary modifications. Where required, additional modifications to increase energy savings were also recommended. Of course, this all had to be coordinated through a large geographic area.

"This project went very well," says Brad Person, SVP of Operations for Source. "All of the projects were completed on schedule and on budget. Our monitoring of the stores energy consumption indicates that on average the stores are realizing total energy savings of approximately 12%. Both SUPERVALU and Source are very happy with the results!"

Per Richard Heath, "The return on investment was less than two years and was greatly enhanced by available utility rebates. Additionally, our customers have commented on how much more comfortable the stores are, and a few have even said the stores look like they have been remodeled."

In close collaboration on this project with Source were Anthony Doors and PECI.