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SUPERVALU - Albertson's Door Retrofit

As part of an aggressive energy savings campaign, SUPERVALU's Albertson's chain decided to invest in an extensive door retrofit program in 100 of its Southern California stores.

SUPERVALU - Albertson's All-Natural Refrigerant Store

When SUPERVALU decided to remodel their Albertson's grocery store in Carpinteria, Calif., Richard Heath, Director of Energy Innovations and Projects, took the opportunity to push the envelope and convert the refrigeration system to all-natural refrigerants.

Spartan Stores Energy Optimization

A leader in the food industry for over 90 years, Spartan Stores operates a chain of more than 100 grocery stores in the state of Michigan. Spartan is unique in that they have grown their chain through acquisition rather than building new stores. That presented some challenges when initiating energy efficiency projects. The equipment and controls Spartan inherited in these acquisitions varied in condition, and, because of this, they knew that their stores were not operating at optimal energy efficiency. Spartan needed a plan to address critical issues first. Source Refrigeration was contracted to help Spartan address this challenge.