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At Source, we help our customers manage the Total Cost of Ownership of their mission-critical refrigeration & HVAC systems. Our experts perform work of the highest quality covering every stage of a system's life-cycle, including new store design, installations, and remodels, refrigerant conversions, service & maintenance, and optimizing & sustaining the performance of existing systems.

Our service offerings and capabilities span the following four broad categories:

  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Energy Optimization

Under each of these categories is a series of specific service offerings designed to address our customers' biggest concerns:

  • Lowering energy use
  • Lowering refrigerant use/fewer leaks
  • Reduce refrigeration and HVAC equipment failures
  • Reduce the risk of product loss or safety concerns from inadequate refrigeration or equipment failure
  • Improve/enhance the shopping environment or working conditions

As part of our holistic approach to refrigeration & HVAC systems, we also work with specialized vapor compression and desiccant based technology to manage dehumidification effectively, with a variety of benefits to grocery stores in particular, including lowering energy use, improving shopper comfort, reducing case and glass sweating or condensation, improving indoor air quality, and reducing the size of HVAC systems required on new installs.

We have also taken a lead in working with our customers on a variety of "green" initiatives, including the evaluation and/or implementation of a variety of CO2, glycol, ammonia, propane, and hybrid systems, in addition to R22 replacements with blends such as R407C (for HVAC) or R407A (for refrigeration), or other alternatives as desired by the customer.